César Capinha

Researcher/Professor at the University of Lisbon.

César is the founder of Nature Forecast, where he manages the platform and the computational infrastructure. He has also been the lead developer of products focused on invasive species and natural resources. To know more about his work, you can visit the website of his research team at and his personal academic page at

Ana Ceia-Hasse

Researcher at the University of Lisbon.

Ana is a biologist working mainly on developing frameworks to model environmental change impacts on biodiversity. Check more information about her work at

António T. Monteiro

Antonio T. Monteiro is a remote sensing scientist focus on modelling frameworks for conservation and management of agro-forested mountain socio-ecological systems under anthropogenic and climate change. Most recent works targeted the artificial intelligence mapping of ecosystems dynamics in view of optimized policy and governance (i.e. grasslands) and satellite reflectance as a input state variable for biodiversity forecast (i.e. plants, amphibians). Recent projects:  ECOPOTENTIAL, PEN-CAFoRR, MARGISTAR. The final goal is to support decision and transition into sustainability of mountain communities and its stakeholders, namely in Europe and Africa (Angola, Madagascar). More information’s in Antonio T. Monteiro.