Fruiting bodies of Winter chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis) in Europe – 9 days forecast

Today and coming two days

In 4 to 6 days

In 7 to 9 days

Technical description

Forecasted event: Probability of occurrence of fruiting bodies of the winter chanterelle (Cratarelus tubaeformis).

Forecast region: European Continent, in areas with the expected occurrence of the species (in grey if otherwise).

Context: The winter chanterelle (Cratarelus tubaeformis) is a wild mushroom species that is commonly foraged across Europe. However, unregulated foraging can lead to high human pressure on its habitats. Our forecasts can provide decision support for managing this pressure by predicting when the fruiting bodies of this mushroom are likely to occur.

More information/citation:
Capinha C, Ceia-Hasse A, de-Miguel S, Vila-Viçosa C, Porto M, Jarić I, Tiago P, Fernandez N, Valdez J, McCallum I, Pereira HM. (2024) Using citizen science data for predicting the timing of ecological phenomena across regions. BioScience.

Capinha C, Monteiro AT, Ceia-Hasse A (2024) Supporting early detection of biological invasions through short-term spatial forecasts of detectability. : 2024.06.12.598508. Biorxiv (preprint)

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