What is Nature Forecast?
Nature Forecast is an initiative led by researchers in Ecology, Conservation, and Geography to provide spatial forecasts and monitoring products in support of environmental decision-making and conservation. Our goals include providing spatial predictions of detectability for invasive species, identifying when natural resources require management or conservation attention, as well as remotely sensed indicators of environmental status, change and threats (e.g. ecosystem services, deforestation, soil contamination).

What does it mean that Nature Forecast is in beta stage?
Being in beta stage means that we are in an early stage and offer less operational quality and stability guarantees than we expect in the future. It also means that we currently have a limited number and diversity of products, which we aim to increase and improve over time. However, being in beta stage also means that we are actively looking for collaborations and ideas to help us improve and grow (see below).

I am a researcher, can I contribute to Nature Forecast?
Yes, absolutely. Nature Forecast is primarily research-driven, which means we are always looking for new products and ideas to test and to improve our modeling and computational approaches. Researchers can contribute, for instance, by developing a new forecast or remote-sensed product for a new species, ecosystem, or region, or by helping us improve our current modeling approaches and computational infrastructure. If you believe you can contribute, please drop us an email (see here).

I am an environmental manager/conservationist, can I contribute to Nature Forecast?
Yes, we warmly welcome contributions from environmental managers, NGOs and conservationists, who can help us better achieve our goal of supporting decision-making. This includes working together on new approaches or products supporting their goals and activities, or on changes in the way our products are delivered. Reach out to us whenever you think you could be of help.

Does Nature Forecast have any for-profit intent?
No, we do not have any for-profit intent. We are a small team of researchers working full-time in academia, and the platform and products found in Nature Forecast are the result of past or ongoing research. Our contributions are fully supported by our professional occupations and research funding that we receive from time to time.

Why are some products password-protected?
Some of our products are only available to proven environmental managers or researchers, as they relate to species or ecosystem services that are sensitive to human pressures or have particular conservation concerns. For example, forecasts of wild edible mushrooms are (or will be) password-protected to avoid furthering human pressures. To gain access to these products, you can email us explaining why you would like access and how you plan to use the product. If the uses are aligned with environmental preservation, we will send you a password for the requested products.

How good are the Nature Forecast products?
The quality of our products vary from product to product, depending on the maturity of the product, the actual timing of production, and more. However, we only release products that, to the best of our knowledge, improve the previous background basis for decision-making. Each product page also provides a short technical sheet or research paper where you can find information such as the underlying methodological approach and results of quality assessments. However, please remember that our products are provided as-is, and we do not offer any guarantees of its full reliability.